The District Administration is headed by the District Collector. The District Collector is the head of the Revenue Department. He is the Chairman of various Development Bodies and Committees of the District. The District Collector is the District Magistrate also. For the purpose of the Smooth Administration the district is divided into two Revenue Divisions headed by a Deputy Collector/Assistant Collector.

A District Development Committee is formed to give administrative sanction to all the Plan Scheme Projects under the Chairmanship of District Collector the District Planning Officer is the Convener of the District Development Committee. All the District Officers of the various Departments, M.L.A.s, M.P.s and nominated members are the members of the Committee. This committee will give the Administrative sanction to all plan schemes and conducting effective Review and monitoring including the schemes of the Local Bodies.

The District Panchayath/Block Panchayath/ Grama Panchayath are the Three Tier system of Local Administration. The District Panchayath President is the Head of the District Panchayath. District Panchayath President is the Chairman of the District Planning Committee and the District Collector is the Secretary, District Planning Officer is the Joint Secretary (Co-ordination) and all the District Officers of various Development De[apartments are the Joint Secretaries of the District Planning Committee. A Government nominee is the Vice Chairman of the Committee. The function of the District Planning Committee is to give approval , to review and monitories all schemes of Local Bodies.

The District Level Committee for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Development is the body to control the schemes under SCP/TSP and SCA to SCP. The District Panchayath President is the Chairman of the Committee the District Collector Secretary and the District Planning officer Convener, The function of the Committee is to give approval, to review and monitories all the SCP., TSP and SCA to SCP schemes of the District,

The District wise Administration of Various Departments is conducted by the Various District Level Officers. There are five Taluks and One hundred and Sixty three Revenue Villages are in the District. Under the Development sector, there are Thirteen Development Block Panchayaths, Four Municipalities and Ninety Grama Panchayaths are also in the District.





The District Collector, Palakkad.

The District Planning Officer, Palakkad.

The Deputy Director, Economics and Statistics, Palakkad

The Deputy Director, Dairy Development, Palakkad,

The Assistant Development Commissioner (G), Palakkad.

The Assistant Development Commissioner (FLP), Palakkad.

The Asst. Director, Soil Survey, Dans Market, Palakkad.

The Asst. Conservator of Forest (Social Conservation), Palakkad.

The District Labour Officer, Palakkad.

The District Medical Officer, (Health), Palakkad

The District Medical Officer (ISM), Palakkad.

The District Medical Officer (Homeo), Chathapuram, Palakkad.

The Deputy Director of Fisheries, Malampuzha.

The District Development Officer for Scheduled Caste, Palakkad.

The Deputy Director of Panchayaths, Palakkad.

The District Women’s Welfare Officer, Palakkad.

The District Social Welfare Officer, Palakkad

The Deputy Director of Education, Palakkad.

The District Project Co-coordinator, DPEP, Palakkad.

The District Animal Husbandry Officer, V.H.Road, Palakkad.

The District Soil Conservation Officer, Palakkad

The District Information Officer, Palakkad,

The Deputy Chief Engineer, KSEB, Palakkad.

The District Mission Co-coordinator, Kudumbasree, Palakkad.

The District Employment Officer, Palakkad.

The District Officer, Ground Water Development, Palakkad.

The Executive Engineer, PWD (Buildings) Palakkad.

The Executive Engineer, PWD (Roads) Palakkad.

The Executive Engineer, Minor Irrigation Division, Palakkad.

The Superintending Engineer, Kerala Water Authority, Palakkad.

The Project Manager, KRWSA, Surya Complex, Palakkad

The Superintending Engineer, Siruvani Circle, Chunnambuthara, Palakkad

The Executive Engineer KPIP Division, Ottappalam

The Executive Engineer KPIP Division, Kanjirapuzha.

The Executive Engineer KSEB, Chittur.

The Executive Engineer KSEB, Shornur.

The Executive Engineer LW Division (District Panchayath) Palakkad

The Executive Engineer KSEB, Palakkad.

The Executive Engineer CADA Division, Palakkad.

The Electrical Inspector, Electrical Inspectorate, Palakkad.

The Executive Engineer KSHB, Palakkad

The Superintending Engineer, Pollution Control Board, Palakkad.

The General Manager, District Industries Centre, Palakkad.

The District Seri Cultural Officer, Pallatheri, Palakkad.

The Inspector of Factories and Boilers, Palakkad.

The Joint Director, Joint Water Regulation, Chunnambuthara, Palakkad

The Principal Agricultural Officer, Palakkad.

The Joint Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Palakkad

The Project Officer, Khadi and Village Industries, Palakkad

The Programme Officer, ICDS Cell, Palakkad

The Project Officer, DRDA, Palakkad

The Town Planner, District Town Planning Office, Palakkad.

The Tribal Development Officer, Palakkad

The Secretary, District Panchayath Office, Palakkad.

The District Informatics Officer, Palakkad.

The District Co-Coordinator, NYK, Palakkad.

The Project Manager, District Nirmithi Kendra, Palakkad.

The Regional Transport Officer, Palakkad.

The District Registrar Officer (G) Palakkad.

The Asst. Commissioner HR & CE, Palakkad.

The District Supply Officer, Palakkad.

The District Lottery Officer, Palakkad.

Asst. Commissioner of Excise, Palakkad.

The Chief Judicial Magistrate, Palakkad.

The Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Tax, Palakkad.

The District Officer, KPSC, Palakkad.

The District Police Superintendent, Palakkad.

The Deputy Director National Saving Scheme, Palakkad.

Source: Mr.T.M. Vamana Rao,Member Core Committee DPC,Palakkad